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About the DC Fiats Logo

Logo.jpg Designed by John Ovington exclusively for the National Capital Fiat Club, our logo embodies what we are. There's no denying that the core of the club is composed of wrench spinning, knuckle busters. Breaking the margins of the drawing and anchoring the base of the traditional yet stylized Fiat wreath, an abused fist clenches a 17mm wrench and a 13mm ratchet. A ring gear separates and lends symmetry to the slightly asymmetrical text, wreath, and checker'd flag. The Capitol dome is an obvious symbol of our region, even if we'd never intentionally drive our Fiats within sight of it. The little crabs are as much a tip of the hat to Cap't John as maybe a hint at our demeanor and taste in dining. The checker'd flag is a direct homage to Carl, Mark, and any of our friends who'll track their Fiats to the limit.

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